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When will the SmartPeep Home Security System be available?

We plan to start the SmartPeep Home Security System beta program with our earliest supporters in late 2017.

How can I get access to the beta program?

We will be choosing early beta participants from those who joined our beta program and reserved a system.

How much will the system cost?

The final prices will be announced in late 2017. Participants in the beta program will receive 30% off regular price when we ship.

Can I use more than two SmartPeep cameras?

Yes. The SmartPeep home security system can accommodate as many cameras as you need to cover your property.

How many SmartPeep cameras do I need to cover my property?

Coverage depends on factors such as property size and shape. We believe a set of two cameras provides reliable coverage of rear and front entrance areas for an average property.

Can SmartPeep Home Security System send mobile alerts to more than one mobile device?

Yes. The SmartPeep home security system can accommodate up to 8 users at a time.

How does the SmartPeep Home Security System manage privacy?

Unlike many smart home security solutions, SmartPeep home security system does not upload indoor images of your house to a remote server. Rather, it uses an outdoor camera to detect when and where someone or something is on your property.

How is SmartPeep funded?

We raised our angel round from an angel investor residing in Singapore.