A great home security raises an intrusion alert way before any unwanted visitor breaks into your house.

SmartPeep home security system raises early intrusion alert when intruders enter your car porch / backyard. It notifies your family on mobile, deters intruders with unexpected sound effects, and allows the family to connect with the local authorities through the app during emergency.


Detect burglary ahead of time


Deter burglars with special sound effect


Request for help and communicate effectively with the authorities

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Detects intruders through video analytic

With the latest video analytics technology, SmartPeep sends you video notification only when somebody

  • climbs over your fence/wall (Fence-Climbing Detection)
  • opens your gate at odd times (Gate Activity Detection)
  • appears at your car porch or backyard at odd times (Human Detection)

Our system does not rely on motion sensor. It strives to send only insightful notifications that matter to its owner.

Leverages sound effects to scare intruders away

You do not want to confront your intruders head on. Our camera has a loud speaker that can scare them away with sound effects like machine gun shots, siren, dogs barking or horror child-giggling. Using our app, you can even shout to your intruders through the speaker.

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Our mobile app connects you to your local authorities

During emergency, our app empowers you the ability to reach for help immediately from your family, friends, neighbours. security guards and police in your community.

With just one tap on our app, your intrusion video and your house location will instantly be shared with your trusted network. If you live in a gated and guarded community powered by SmartPeep, your community guard will be notified.

Are you a housing developer or a gated and guarded committee member? Talk to us.
Let's create a safe connected housing community together!

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Classified Event Search

No hassles in retrieving your camera recordings anymore! We make your search easy by grouping your motion events for you.

Optimized performance for low bandwidth network

We dynamically optimize your uploaded video quality based on your network condition.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor outside of your house anywhere anytime.

Cloud Storage

Your camera videos will never get compromised again! We store your video footage securely in the cloud.

Local Backup

When your home Internet is down, our camera automatically switches its mode to record on its local SD card.

160° wide lens

Wide-angle field-of-view allows our camera to provide maximum coverage. You probably only need ONE to cover your car porch.

Simple Installation

No DVR. No complicated wiring necessary.


Protection day and night 24/7

At night, watch discreetly with our camera's infra-red night vision.

Beta Program

  • Limited testing starts in late 2017
  • Selected participants only
  • 30% discount
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